What we offer

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There’s a whole host of benefits available to you when you set up shop at Box 74. Some might seem obvious, like the great views available from each office. But just to make sure you’re not missing out on a great opportunity, let’s outline some of the advantages Box 74 can offer you and your business:


Box 74 is located in the heart of Gisborne in the tallest building in town, the old Post Office building. In fact, that’s where Box 74 got its name – the ground level of the building still holds the Post Office Boxes and is located at 74 Grey Street. When you tell people your business is at Box 74, they’ll know exactly where to find you.


Besides getting your own office, you’ll also have access to some great communal areas, including a kitchenette and meeting rooms. Not only does this mean easy access to tea and snacks, it also means you get a chance to meet with your fellow small business owners at the Box. Networking is easy when you’re just a few steps away!


With our flexible lease terms, the offices here at the Box are perfect for budding entrepreneurs to get a foothold in the industry. We know that small businesses can’t afford to waste money on their office space, so we’ve made sure the price is right for those serious about growth.


The bottom line is that having a space dedicated to your business gives you credibility. Working from home can be great, but what do you do when you need to meet with clients or customers? An office lets your customers and clients know that you mean business. Getting a physical location is definitely one of the most important first steps to growing your business.
Box 74 can give you the step up your business needs. If the Box sounds like a good match for you, contact us and we can get you started.